Slip and Falls

Approximately 25,000 people per day are victims to slip and fall accidents. NFSI(National Floor Safety Institute) estimates that the average cost of a slip and fall workers compensation claim is $4000, and the average liability award for injury to a building occupant runs from $60,000 to $100,000 per claim. In fact it is estimated that workers comp and medical expenses associated with slip and fall accidents cost businesses $70 billion annually.

In 2009 the NFSI(National Floor Safety Institute) and the ANSI(American National Standards Institute) created a national floor safety standard. This standard is measured according to slip resistance or COF(CoEfficient of Friction) of a floor surface. They have determined that walking surfaces for the public should maintain a COF of .50 or higher. This standard has been adopted by the ADA(Americans Disabilities Act) and the US Access Board as a means to be in “Good Faith Compliance”.


What does this mean for you?

For the first time in American history, property owners can be held accountable for the slip resistance of their floor surfaces. In the past there was no nationally recognized safety standard by which property owners could accurately measure their floors. Companies that maintain this standard can avoid it from being used against them in a slip and fall lawsuit or settlement. Also, Congress is presently seeking more aggressive regulations for property owners and employers.

The average floor has a COF of .40… are your surfaces within the recommended measurement?


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